Business Consulting

Sans Gilmore has decades of experience as a business owner, a commercial property manager, and a hub for community guidance and resources. After retiring from over 20 years as a litigation attorney, he’s here to help you start and grow your own successful business.

Free Consultations

Give Sans a call! He wants to get to know you and your story.

Commercial Real Estate & Property Leases

When your business is ready to establish a footprint away from home, consult with Sans. He’s ready to share decades of experience in commercial property ownership in Thurston Count.


Advice and opinions about how and when to transition from sole proprietor to LLC to corporation status. Sans cuts through the noise, evaluates your unique circumstances, and will offer sound advice as he guides you through that transition.

Buying & Selling a Business or Taking on Partners

Businesses are often complex independent legal entities. Let Sans guide you through the process of buying or selling one should that opportunity arise.

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Regulatory Compliance

Business licenses, business and operations (B & O) taxes, HR and labor practices…the ways in which businesses are regulated are vast, complex, and often confusing. Sans is the ace in your back pocket when it comes to getting clear answers about running a fair, compliant business.

Leadership Development & Coaching

Are you a business owner? Are you stuck in any aspect of your business? Are you having trouble reaching your annual goals? Or, do you just need someone to bounce new ideas off of. Sans would like a chance to discuss your business and help you figure out how to get unstuck. Sans brings decades of successful business practices and over 35 years of military leadership to every meeting.

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