Estate Planning

You need an estate plan.

Single? Don’t have kids? Don’t feel like you have an “estate”? You still need a plan. Your belongings and even modest savings could make a difference to a friend or a local nonprofit in the event you pass away unexpectedly.

An estate plan looks a little different for everyone. Sans Gilmore will help you navigate the preparations necessary make the end of your life easier for the people you care about.

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The Will

Clear instructions about who will represent you in the distribution of your assets and how those assets will be distributed. This is also where people and couples with young children designate who will take over guardianship.

Power of Attorney (Financial)

This document designates a person that will manage your finances in the event you become incapacitated. It is especially important for single folks who might not have an obvious candidate for that role in their life.

Power of Attorney (Healthcare)

Should you become incapacitated, this piece of your estate plan designates who will speak on your behalf regarding healthcare matters. It also elaborates your wishes as they pertain to the measures that might be taken to keep you alive in a medical setting.

Beneficiary Designations (Financial Accounts)

Beneficiary designations override the distributions outlined in your will. Clarifying these distinctions with the help of a trained professional is highly recommended, especially for those with ample income or complicated income streams.

Regular Review & Revision

Once you have an estate plan in writing, you can’t just throw it in a drawer and forget about it. Estate planning with Sans means you’ll be prompted to review your plan on a regular basis and make adjustments based on new laws and life’s inevitable changes.


A trust is a legal entity separate from the person or people who form it. It holds assets intended for the use of predesignated beneficiaries. Not everyone is in a situation that warrants a trust, but they can be useful for some.

Preparing a will means confronting your mortality. That’s just one reason people don’t like doing it. Sans brings decades of experience to help ease those conversations, answer your questions and identify your blind spots for comprehensive estate planning that protects and benefits the people and causes you love most.

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